Sarah Szymkiewicz

Ironwood Events Center

Sarah was the little girl who constantly begged her parents to go on pony rides and stared wistfully out the car window when passing a field full of horses. She started taking riding lessons when she was 6, and by the time she was 12, her parents recognized their daughter's dedication to her passion and bought her a horse of her own. Sarah's main focus was on barrel racing and competing in gymkhanas. 


​Suzan Strahan

She came across Clinton Anderson's "the Method"  when she got her second horse, a gelding that came with a bolting issue. A friend recommended looking up Clinton Anderson for help, and Sarah took the advice. Whereas the gelding had ruined her confidence, once Sarah began implementing the Method, she not only got her confidence back, but became a more effective horseman. "Thanks to the Method, that horse became one of my favorites and a great competitor," Sarah shares.

The results fueled her passion for horse training, which spilled over to helping other people learn how to better work with their horses. "I've always wanted to train horses, and after my years spent in lesson barns, I realized early on that training a horse is just part of the equation; if you want to be a successful trainer, you have to make sure the horse's owner understands how to work with their horse and get the same results," Sarah says.

As a Method Ambassador, Sarah is living out her dream of training horses and teaching people how to better communicate with their horses to have a safer, more enjoyable partnership with them. "The difference between being frustrated with your horsemanship and enjoying the time you spend with your horse and improving your performance really just comes down to having the right knowledge," Sarah says.

*Certified ARICP Riding Instructor since 1987.  Honored as one of the Top 50 Instructors      of the year for the ENTIRE country by the ARICP at their 25th Anniversary Convention.

*USEF Carded Judge in Welsh Ponies and Western. 

  Retired cards in Arabian, Mules and AMHA.

*USDF Bronze and Silver Medals, Centerline Scores 4 Star rider. 

  FEI Level rider and coach to same.

*BA in Psychology from UCSD.

*Instruction available in Classic Dressage, Western Dressage, and Hunter Seat Equitation.

Cell: 775-233-9972,